From Russia: The Writing Is On The Wall – America!


I am drinking my morning cup of coffee and studying up on what I see the Eastern press doing this last few weeks…

The Eastern press has caught on to the sentiments on this side of the world. Some of the stuff coming from Asia is too strong and not nice. Russia has a good attitude but they are following their president Medvedev and his more mellow approach

It is not anti – America, attitude but more like a anti – America’s Attitude, attitude! It is a, “Do not come around here thinking that you are all that” attitude!

There is a true feeling of, “We trusted you America to lead the world and you did everything wrong that you told us we could not do.”

I see also that Europe has taken a stand that is strong anti – America’s Attitude, attitude right now. The Western press has ignored what is happening, as usual.

I even read an article that said: “Barack Obama flew into London last night on a mission to save the world!” (Link)

Obama tries that attitude without team work with Europe, he will be lonely in Europe.

I really think the best thing that could happen is that America apologize. But then I do not see that happening…

Windows to Russia!
Kyle and Svet

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