From the speech of Permanent Representative V.A.Nebenzya at the meeting of the UN Security Council on cooperation between the UN and the OSCE…

The long-term systematic and consistent actions of the United States and its allies to create a Russophobic nationalist and neo-Nazi entity on our borders provoked a deep crisis in the system of international relations.

And even if Washington, London, Brussels and a number of other capitals still shout about the alleged “unprovoked Russian aggression” to a frenzy, the true reasons for the tectonic transformations we observe today are well understood by any more or less trained observer.

In addition to the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev in 2014 and the eight-year connivance of the crimes of the Kyiv regime against the civilian population of the south and east of Ukraine, this is also the refusal of the collective West from the principle of the indivisibility of security in favor of NATO expansion.

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The question of where we are drifting and what the renewed system of international relations will look like remains open today. One thing is clear: the world will no longer be unipolar and Western dominance or the “American world” is on the decline.

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The UN, which is essentially a stronghold of multilateralism, despite the dominance of the West in its structures and the desperate attempts of Western countries to impose a Russophobic agenda on all member countries, still remains a popular platform for dialogue and international cooperation. But the Council of Europe could not resist this pressure and is steadily sliding into political oblivion, becoming a weak-willed appendage of NATO and the EU, approving any of their decisions.


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