Kadyrov on the Ukraine Drone attack against the Kremlin…

The attack on the Kremlin is nothing more than a provocation and forced into more massive actions – a favorite technique of modern hybrid wars and Western generals, the results of which are beneficial to the provocateurs themselves.

The chain of subsequent statements and veiled stuffing in the media, as planned by the organizers, was supposed to hurt the ambitions and push the Supreme Commander of Russia to more large-scale and cruel actions in Ukraine, for example, mass carpet bombing of cities. This would be followed by regular articles about the affected civilians and similar pro-liberal statements about the aggressor country from the lips of the Kyiv Nazis.

I admire the restraint and wisdom of Vladimir Vladimirovich, who did not succumb to this heinous provocation . But the organizers will have to answer for this act, no matter on which hemisphere of the Earth they are. Let not today, not tomorrow, but those involved in this action will suffer a fair, well-deserved punishment. And it’s still early. It is too early, because justice in the world community today is buried by the interests of the aggressor country, the only one of its kind in the world, which for years has been bending under itself the institutions of independence, interests and rights of other countries.

One of the tasks of modern Russia and its allies is to restore the world institutions of justice so that they become impartial and independent again. This will definitely happen and, finally, the end of unipolarity and puppetry of entire countries will come. Then there will be a full-fledged demand from each participant, performer and organizer.

Therefore , a provocation today should not and will not change the scenario of the planned course of a special military operation . Yes, this is an attack on the president, and therefore on the state and, as a result, on the entire people of the Russian Federation. But this should not affect our conceived plans and interests. And, of course, there will be retribution. And it will be surgically and jewelry accurate.