Funeral in our Russian Village!

Svet and I instead of hanging around Moscow with the Victory Day Parade and such. We decided to hit the road and travel to our village (Sunrise to Freedom) and spend a weekend seeing what is happening in our favorite spot on earth.

Part of the news was sad at the village. Another member of the village has passed away and that leaves 4 full time people living there now. Still lots of summertime people but the people who are the soul of the village are almost gone.

You have to pardon the quality of the pictures they were taken from around half a mile away from a hill side. I did not want to upset any apple carts and stayed a great distance away.

They carried the coffin from her house to the grave site which had to be around one kilometer away. From what I understand that is the tradition. They also dropped spruce limbs all along the path that they took.

The village was alive this weekend with lots of people who came for the funeral. So we kept a low profile and worked on our car and the village house.

The last picture is our village house! So that is what we did that weekend!

Windows to Russia!