A Broom in Russia…

A broom in Russia is a work of art and a talent that is handed down over the years. For a broom to last it must be put together correctly and Russians have a knack for making some awesome brooms out of twigs and string.

The gentleman above makes his brooms for his usage to clean the streets and playgrounds around our flats. I have seen him make several brooms and he will sometimes spend a whole day making brooms for all the guys to use in sweeping.

He makes two types of brooms one from tree branches and the other from dried grasses.

I was always amazed in this world of modern technology that they do not use regular brooms but after a few years here and seeing how good of a job they do. Why buy a broom when you can just make it.

In America we ran business on the pretense that ‘time is money’. I see that in Russia there is more time than money…

Now you know a little more about Russia!

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