Georgia: Drones and More Drones?


I think this makes 5 drones that have been shot down. Georgia has got to run out of drones…..Update: Georgia had acquired a total of 40 drones, worth around $2 million each, from Israel between 2006 and 2008. So looks like there may be a lot of drones shot down…..

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia shot down another Georgian spy drone on Thursday, its Defence Ministry said, although Tbilisi immediately denied the allegation from the Russian-backed rebels. Minutes before the announcement, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili had told visiting Russian reporters war between Georgia and Russia over the status of Abkhazia had been only narrowly averted days earlier but remained a real threat. According to the Abkhazian authorities this was the third Georgian drone it had shot down in the last five days.

Yes I went back and counted: 5 drones shot down, out of total 6 drones spotted. For some reason Abkhazian did not knock down one drone spotted the other day.

Kyle & Svet

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