Get a Russian Visa From Ukraine! (Part 1)

Hey everyone!

Svet and I had the most pleasant visa trip ever. It went like clock work and there were no bad surprises.

First of all – lets remember that I had a passport stolen last time and this trip finally cleared up all the loose ends from that trip. I now have a brand new passport from America and got back and forth across the borders with minimal hassle. (Due to having to show a total of three USA passports at one time to explain why this stamp was here and not there…)

The train trip to Kiev was really nice and peaceful. Left at 7pm Thursday night and got to Kiev at 7am Friday morning. Svet and I stopped at the McDonald’s near the Russian Consulate and had a good breakfast. When the Consulate opened we got right in and proceeded with business. This is where the good surprises happened!

I have been coming to this consulate for umpteen visas. I am always there by 9am and done by 10am with paperwork. The visas always take one or two days to process and $400 dollars.

Then surprise number one happened – When we presented our paperwork the lady that we always give the paperwork to said that will be $250 dollars. (Huh – I thought: What did she say?) I looked at Svet and we both kept our mouths shut. 🙂

Then surprise number two happened – The lady said you can pick the visa up between 11am and 12 noon! (Huh – I thought: What did she say? [As I looked at the clock and realized that was only an hour away] I looked at Svet and we both kept our mouths shut. 🙂

Svet and I walked to the cashier station and were told the very same instructions again. ($250 dollars and in one hour we can get the visa!) (Cooooool!)

To make a long story short – Svet and I waited around and at 11am we had my passport and visa in it to Russia. We just got to Ukraine and we were done with business!

So being good little travelers like Svet and I are we decided to do some sight seeing after checking into the hotel. That is where part two of this story begins tomorrow….

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