Windows to Russia: Svets – Russian Video Blog!

I am very proud of Svet. She has worked very hard on a blog named Russian Videos from Russia! This blog has now finally come into its own and has been recognized by Google as a major video source for Russian videos. It has reached the top of the list when it comes to the term Russian Video. ( Everything above her blog is either paid links or YouTube related links.

Svet has almost posted one video a day for a long time now. She has 500 videos and it looks like she loves the blog so much that we are going to see a lot more. Svet also has a weekend movie most every weekend that is usually an old soviet movie and is full length. These weekend movies take Svet a long time to do because many times she has to download, convert format and process her own movies.

Last full length movie that she posted was Queen of the Gypsies“, a made in 1975, by Moldavian film director Emil Loteanu and in 1976 “Queen of the Gypsies” won the Golden Seashell at San Sebastián International Film Festival. I found the movie really wonderful and was entertainment that we all need to stop and watch. The actors made a believer out of the audience and will make a believer out of you that the life of a Gypsy is carefree and interesting…

I stay out of the blogs workings unless I have to help her and she has gotten to where she needs very little help anymore. So I am very very proud of my Sweetie… 🙂

Windows to Russia!
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