Government Motors (GM) Playing Games With Germany Again!

I have several articles about the fiasco that GM made in Germany over the sale of its division Opel. Now GM is trying to continue the fiasco and play games with Germany. This is months after saying that GM will keep Opel and can make it better.


General Motors Europe on Tuesday finally announced the details of its plan to restructure German car-maker Opel. In addition to thousands of job cuts, GM wants 2.7 billion euros from European governments. Opposition to the plan is building in Germany. (Link)

This is the same deal being drug into the mud after GM refused to sell Opel to a Canadian/Russian group called Magna/Sberbank. Germany had approved the Magna/Sberbank for buying and saving the Opel company with the least amount of disruption of the German country.

But GM being also know now as Government Motors (GM) due to huge bailouts by the government from peoples tax money. Said that they can turn Opel around.
This has gone over like a dead fish on the beach and Germany is having real issues with Government Motors (GM) and the lies.
Looks like Germany needs to tell GM and America to stick it where the sun do not shine! Then just tell GM to do what they said they could do. Save the Opel company – Since it does still belong to GM (America) and if they can not save it, then sell it to Magna/Sberbank like they should have in the first place…
Windows to Russia!
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