Is It Censorship If You Keep It Within Your Borders?

I realize that many American people do not notice this sort of thing and if I still lived in America, I would not care either. But since I live in Russia and rely upon local and national news sources in America for my news. There is a problem that has developed with American Press.

I have watched over the last few years, a slow but noticeable censorship of videos and websites coming out of America. I try to watch videos from local news stations all over America and half the time get a well worn message: “sorry the content is unavailable in your country.” This applies to websites and videos!

I can get around this issue by using a proxy that tells everyone that I am from the USA. “But doesn’t that seem like censorship?”

This does not always work if I use a proxy from the UK and other parts of Europe. In fact I have found that the dividing line on news is now more closely related to American news against the rest of the world. I see a tightening of American borders in all aspects including media…

I was just hunting down some information on the statement by America that we will supply radioactive isotopes to Iran and are calling Iran’s bluff… 🙂

Out of 10 websites of news, I got one video to work without telling me that famous quote above. I was told that I could not even view the printed material on 3 of the sites.

Now let me search the Eastern websites and I find no restrictions and have all the news at hand. I try to use American press because that really is all that Americans will begin to believe, but as time goes by the American news is getting harder to get because of censorship.
So looks like European and Eastern news sources are going to become the way to knowledge.
That is OK by me!
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.
Update: Yesterday when I wrote this article I also decided to mail off multiples of emails to all sites that I had issues with. We will not get into who and what they are (right now) because I am getting responses back already. Last night I received three emails that all had about the same basic content! There was no apologies, but there was a release of my IP and I can say truthfully that I now have access where I did not have access yesterday: (Don’t you like how your name becomes your email.)

Dear peppy200,

It was brought to our attention that we had inadvertently blocked IP’s from certain Russian sections of Russia Moscow.

It was a non intentional default of protection software.

This e-mail is in response to an inquiry that directed our attention to our error and hope that this opens up ability to view said content.

This is a non reply e-mail

This e-mail was sent to, based on initial correspondence.

Please note that you must use this e-mail address to any future correspondence.

To manage your e-mail preferences, update your account settings.

Message Category: Miscellaneous

So maybe my grandma was right: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease!” 🙂
Looks like I was just part of a blanket IP block most likely due to virus issues and such..