I am not a Bitcoin fan boy, but I never get real answers about Bitcoin stuff…

By | January 23, 2020

Just asking for a friend…

That Bitcoin is in those wires my friend…

So when the electricity decides, due to war and infrastructure disaster,  stop working, what good is your Bitcoin or equivalent?

No one talks about that….no one says hardly anything about a complete internet outage and you want your Bitcoin!

What about all that gold in London vaults and you live in New York? What about all that paper gold certificates and you try to collect? and Twenty others try to collect there gold also…

Seems that something that is not truly physical and in your hand when the SHTF. Is not something that is usable at all. Like you have tons of gold and cash in the bank and the bank is no longer there. How do you get your gold? Your cash? Your anything? When the electricity goes down in the whole country and it is possible….how does your Bitcoin work then?

Seems to me when life gets rough and it can, a pound of coffee will be worth a whole bunch of gold and such!

Hmm….just asking for a friend!


What does that mean? It means that Bitcoin – like the internet itself – is dependent upon functioning global networks, reliable power supplies and standing cellphone towers. Switch off the routers and transformers, and knock down the towers, and Bitcoin has a problem.

Source: What happens to Bitcoin if the lights go out? – CoinDesk

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