I dunno?

The whole world can get to my site windowstorussia.com

Except me, myself and I….& of course sweet pea, as she is right here with me.

Not Russia blocking me! My own IP blocking me? The one I paid years and years of money to?

Worked all morning on it. Right now I am using a proxy situation and can get to it no issues. Everything tells me that it is unblocked to the whole world. Russian check sites for who they block are fine. No blockage from anyone, anywhere in the world, except for the life of me….my system after trying everything….does not show me my site, unless I use a proxy…

I dunno?


Update: It is our IP….I can use another IP and have no issues. Our IP just says, “We can see your site!” and I say, “So can I if I use another Internet provider and or the Tor Browser to by pass your blockage issue!” – Me

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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