Sanctions: ~~ If you look, act, think Russian & even eat Russian Salad Dressing. ~~

You devil you!

The US is now considering, enacting & eagerly imposing illegal sanctions against anyone, anything & all things Russian, if you desire, want, need and all whom uses Russian gas. That includes, governments, businesses and citizens (which includes all doggies and kitties living with humans & a whole bunch of whatnot’s included in that mess also).

~~ All in all, a billion people (and several billion doggies, kitties & whatnot’s) plus in the world. ~~

They are also going to sanction anyone who reads or watches Russian websites. Especially if you reside in Russia and watch Russian news at night as you eat dinner and sip your hot tea.

~~ Oh, and anyone who uses Russian Salad Dressing on their salads too. ~~

Soon Russia will be sanctioned just for being Russians.

**Seriously people**

WtF at WtR

PS: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sanctions that could hinder one of Moscow’s most important projects in Europe, the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, have been included in the annual U.S. defense policy bill, two congressional aides said on Wednesday. Read More…

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