I have never Seen Kangaroo Meat in Russia!


It seems that Australia is upset with Russia. It seems that Russia buys 70% of all exported Kangaroo meat produced by Australia and Russia is citing a sanitation issue that has not been solved by the Australian government. So Russia will stop importation of Kangaroo meat as of August 1st 2009.

It seems that Russia’s ban on kangaroo meat imports will destroy certain rural communities in Australia, and will lead to a possible dangerous rise in kangaroo populations. According to farming lobby groups in Australia.

Australia’s Weekly Times stated on Friday as saying kangaroo harvesting and exporting would become non-functioning without the Russian market.

Did you know that Russians eat Kangaroo?
Did you know that Russia buys 70% of all Kangaroo meat produced by Australia?

We do now!

I have never in three years in Russia have seen Kangaroo meat for sale…

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