I saved my tablet…

qumoYesterday I talked about killing my tablet. Yes I fried it, I heard it pop and crackle and even smelled a little burned plastic smell. It was dead and gone, sunk above its head in deep waters of existence and would not even acknowledge a spark of life. Until I remembered a little tidbit of information I read about months ago…

Thus, I looked again for this tidbit of info and found it after an hour of searching Yandex. It was a site in Russian and that caused me issues to find the information. Could not find it on Google at all. Once I found it, I then proceeded to look my device over and finally found what I was looking for; a physical reset button. Hidden and obscure…

It was one of those tiny holes that only a needle can get into and push a special hardware reset for the phone. I found something small enough and finally got the button pushed and after a few minutes of holding my breath. The phone came to life again… 🙂

I had simply pushed a circuit breaker, like in your home and the tablet rebooted and finally allowed me to fix what I could in the OS. It use to be a Senkatel Maximus S1, but now it has the OS from a QUMO Altair 706…

Listed below is the tablets that are clones to mine. The operating system of any of these including mine is capable to be use in my tablet…

1.) Tesla Gravity 7.0 OCTA (Okay)
2.) IRU M720G (Sucked)
3.) WEXLER.ULTIMA 7 OCTA (Okay but no root possible)
4.) Chuwi VX3 (Chinese OS and lots of variations and popular)
5.) Qumo Altair 706 (The best and rootable.)
VIDO M87 (Never could get to work and maybe zip file was corrupt!)
6.) Senkatel Maximus S1 (Mine; but a weak defective OS)

Therefore, all that ends well is all good in the first place and I have a better tablet than I had. It is smoother operating, faster in response to commands and runs much cooler. I did not damage any chips or other circuitry and feel blessed that I bought such a well built tablet manufactured in China…

I happy again… 😉

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