In Russia Life is Simple: We can Just Remove that Border in South Ossetia!


This is what I like about Russia, everyday you get to shake your head in disbelief at the news you hear:

“As far as integration is concerned, currently it will be enough if we essentially eliminate borders between the Russian Federation and South Ossetia, assisting to restore the republic’s economy, if we give people an opportunity to live quietly and bring up their children, develop their republic and communicate without restrictions, without formalities at the frontier,” Putin said.

He has added that one more document should be signed – on the one side it will be protecting Russia’s interests in respect to its outer boundaries, and on the other side it will give people an opportunity to communicate freely, “without any administrative barriers”.(Link)

But that is why I love Russia! The way Russians look at things is great, “Just erase the borders!”.

Kyle & Svet

PS: This should start, Bush and Company jumping up and down again…..

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