In Russia My Plans Never Work Out as Planned!

This morning my wife and I were drinking that wonderful cup of coffee (Svet had tea) and the power and water went off. We were not surprised but just inconvenienced. A few nights ago on the front door of our building appeared a sign that said: On Tuesday – No Power or Water from 9am to 4pm…

My first reaction was about how stupid that is. Then after thinking that we live in a huge construction zone and new high-rises going up all the time. We are lucky that we do not have more outages.

So I had everything planned on what I was to do today and not have to be home while a power outage was going on. I had planned on calling Monday and then going to the American Embassy on Tuesday. I needed to get my new fresh passport and then I planned to check on some new tax laws in America while I was there. But my plans for that were laywayed by the fact that Monday was Columbus day in America and American Embassies are closed all federal holidays in other countries. So today I was able to call and will go early tomorrow morning. (Wednesday)

It is a good thing because I am running a fever today and it is not a small fever either. Looks like I caught a bad cold or something. A week ago I had to spend all day getting our car ready for winter. So as I spent hours in a rainy cold day playing with the car – it looks like I was dumb… (It had to be done because it is freezing here every night and I needed to winterize the car, amongst other things.)

Now if I get feeling better – then tomorrow I will drive to the American Embassy and pick up my passport.

Now I have to just start planning my next visa trip and that is the end of this October…

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