Russia Votes, Medvedev Tries to Vote and the Opposition Yells: Violations!

The opposition parties in Russia all scream how there were cases of ballot stuffing, and that the ruling party was given better opportunities during the election campaign. It also claimed that the Solidarity movement was unjustly denied registration over the accusation that it forged signatures it collected. (Link)

While all this ballot stuffing was suppose to be going on, Medvedev could not get his vote in…

Ballot Box Rejects Medvedev’s Vote:
The president, wearing a shiny black leather coat, tried several times to get the electronic box to accept his ballot at a polling station in western Moscow as part of mayoral, regional and district elections that were held Sunday in 76 of the country’s 83 regions. (Link)

So while the opposition was yelling foul and you are stuffing ballot boxes, Medvedev just wanted to vote, so that his voice will be heard…

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