In Russia: The Old Bike and Trike Park!

If you have been reading Windows to Russia over the years, then you know that I like parks and amusement areas for children. I have another find to add to our collection, I have found an old Bike and Trike road system designed for kids to have fun and be safe. At least that is what I have surmised after studying it for a few days…

There are straight a ways and circles for the kids to ride on – There are intersections and a playground for when you are tired of riding your bike or trike – It is a really cool park
Above – Boza has to get in at least one picture! The road even goes around the slide!
Below -There is a stage and benches so the Moms can relax .
See how it looks like a road system?

Above – A huge sandbox and the road goes all the way around!
Below – Everything is designed to keep the little ones contained away from the main road to the right.

When I was a kid I would have put some miles on that tiny road system. Look see above – Even a Cul-de-sac or two! 🙂

One thing that is little know by Americans is that the Soviets cared about their children very very much. Parks like this are very common place, in the old parts of town. Many of these parks are starting to crumble and some have just faded to a remnant of there former glory. These parks were built by love not modern technology and usally were made from what ever could be found in abundance to create a park.

This link will take you to my favorite park: The Old Soviet Playground!

Today – I wish that I was 4 years old and had my trike – Boza and I would ride to China on that old Soviet road for bikes and trikes…

Post by Kyle Keeton
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