In Russia: Old Man Winter Extended His Lease on March!

Spring has been trying to move in, but Old Man Winter has decided to extend his lease on March and looks like he will stay for a few weeks more.
It is snowing to “beat the band” right now and looks like snow for the next two or three days. You can see Boza and his fur is being blown by a wind that is bitter cold. (I am sure he is thinking that we are crazy for being out in this stuff.) If you expand the picture with Boza in it by clicking on it, you will see a mother and her kid in the background. They are going to play no matter what the weather is. 🙂 I just wish that my cellphone camera would do justice for how hard it is really snowing. Lets put it this way, my eyes are stinging from snow hitting them.
So it is March 19th and we do not fly kites here in Moscow! We put on the fur coats and get our business done…
Windows to Russia!