In Russia the Village of Tatar Saiman has the "Top-Top"!

In the village of Tatar Saiman in central Russia which use to be a collective farm in the Soviet days. They have the “top-top” – You ask they have what? Glad you asked…

“Top-top” – The word comes from the sound that old two-stroke engines make. The hand built cars are mostly used to carry wood and hay, or building materials in a localized area.

When the USSR broke up, it was virtually impossible to get new farm equipment. Also the old farm equipment became personal property to many farmers because the state was no longer in existence. This messed up understanding of ownership has created a whole line of interesting customized vehicles and particular in the village of Tatar Saiman in central Russia we have the famous – “top-top” vehicle.

They take these trucks serious and I think they are great. So watch the video and enjoy.

The old sayings: “You gotta do what you gotta do!” or “Waste not want not!” happens to fit here real well…

“Top-top” 🙂

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