India Shook Hands With America and Hugged Russia!

The White House has a sad confused face and India put it there!

The Obama Administration bragged about how they had wined and dined India and that a new era of cooperation was at hand, In fact they went as far to say that America has become best buddies with India… (It was a real meal of a life time!)

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Moscow this week to negotiate a multibillion-dollar arms deal, meet the Russian President and Prime Minister and seal a new civilian nuclear deal with Russia — which the Indian press hailed as even more advantageous than India’s similar technology-sharing agreement with the U.S. Singh told a Russian news channel, “We have been able to get equipment and technologies from Russia which were not available to us from any (America) other countries.”

This is an important issue to note: Russia is a life long supporter of India and America has just now decided to acknowledge that India is a growing powerhouse. (This has something to do with America’s terrible financial habits.)

So what happened to that new era of Indo-U.S. friendship, celebrated so elaborately and so recently over gilded plates of collard greens and basmati rice? It certainly hasn’t been forgotten, but the ritual pomp and genuine goodwill of the Nov. 24 state visit to Washington have quickly made room for the realities of Indian politics. The Russian bear hug is a “note of caution” and a reminder of earlier American agreements gone sour, says G. Parthasarathy, a former Indian ambassador and visiting professor at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi.

I use to tell my managers in training: “Treat all people that you work with – with respect, Because one day they may be your Boss!”

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