The Opposition: Interesting Link for Those Interested in What Russia is Up To…

Kremlin Tells Kids Opposition Is Important

I found this link above (Click the далее button!) interesting, but it is in Russian. So some English information to get you started below…

Entrance page has a little statement on it. It goes something like this…

“Do you like when you and I do not agree? Argue, argue, contradict it. Of course, you do not like that. Those who are with someone who does not agree, then that is another opposite view – We call them the Opposition.”

Educational information on the site is broken down into small paragraphs and accompanied with pictures ranging from a pirate with an eye-patch to a mischievously grinning TV news anchor. The site is centered on children aged 10 to 12… (More or Less)

“In a healthy democratic society, those who disagree with state policies help the authorities, not hinder them,” reads the text in the “What’s the Opposition and Why Do We Need It?” section of

Deeper looking into the site: “Dissenters look for mistakes by the authorities — which is a good thing. Let them look. This is what makes the state authorities feel their responsibility to citizens.”


Windows to Russia!

PS: Looks like this site has been around since 2004 but this is a new twist on the site agenda to appease the Opposition. Of course the Opposition says, “Bah Humbug…”

So follow the link and play around. If you have to use a translator. You will get the gist… (The site will not bite…)

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