Is Georgia is Being Tramatized by Saakashvili?

By | March 14, 2010

Saturday night during the news hour on Imedi TV channel, Made a broadcast that Russia had invaded Georgia after a “terror attack” on the president of South Ossetian republic, Eduard Kokoity. The news report started out and stated that Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili and his government had been evacuated.

They did have a short disclaimer (like this statement) about not being true at the end of the newscast, very short! And at the beginning of the news cast was a statement that the program showed a sequence of possible events that could only occur “If Georgian society is not brought together against Russia’s plans.”} <---- Kinda small and short like this!Within several minutes into the news report, they “reported” the death of Saakashvili and creation of the People’s government headed by one of the opposition leaders, Nino Burdzhanadze. (Nino Burdzhanadze is pissed!)By this point Georgia was a madhouse of instigated turmoil and the damage was done…

On Sunday after all was over with and a form of calm had set in, Mikhail Saakashvili claimed that such “staging” of a war situation might be useful to protect Georgia from a new war with Russia. But he made clear that he had nothing to do with it and next time that the news station should do a better job of letting people know that is was a false report!

OK! I really believe that Sassy had nothing to do with it…

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