Russian Road Police Eats His Bribe!

A traffic police officer from the Chelyabinsk region, caught in the act of taking a bribe of two thousand rubles, ate the money right in front of the police.

On March 2, 2010 a traffic police officer stopped a car driven by a resident of Kasli who broke the rules of the road (passing in a no passing zone). The officer demanded a bribe of 2,000 rubles for not filing a report on the incident. The driver then left to get the money.
Instead of getting the money, the driver went to the police for help. The Economic Crime Department worked out a surveillance plan to arrest the corrupt traffic officer. The driver was given the sum, three bills adding up to the 2,000 rubles, which he passed to the traffic officer that same day.
During the planned arrest the officer locked himself in the company car and, covering his face, choked the money down. Having destroyed the evidence, he voluntarily surrendered to the police.
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