Is Russia One of the last Islands of Freedom in the World?

WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has been granted a Russian visa and plans to visit Russia as soon as he gets his name cleared up. Which he hopes is soon. The trip may happen in a couple of weeks, reports the Russian News Service citing WikiLeaks supporter and friend of Assange, Israel Shamir. No details of the agenda and schedule have been disclosed. However, by that time a RuLeaks currently being established is likely to get its official registration… (It is starting to look as though RuLeaks may get some backing? Is that is why the site is so WikiLeaks clone like?)

It is already clear that Putin and Medvedev have voiced support for Julian Assange. Looks like Russia has open arms for Julian and maybe he needs to relocate. He would beable to continue his escapades very unhindered here in Russia. I know I live here…

Everything balances on what Britain is going to do. Because we know that America wants his dead head on a platter and Sweden has trumped up sex charges against him…

We will wait and see…

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