Just when there was only a Buffoon to vote for?

Is this the First family?

I heard about this yesterday and then I actually thought about it as I worked around the Russian Village Home. Then I woke this morning and realized that Kanye West with Elon Musk’s support and or even as a running mate as president of the USA is actually the most perfect, if not most soap opera style way to send the US off in style…

I had actually given up:

There simply was not anything but buffoons to vote for and yet in his wry humor, God has given hope…

USA upcoming presidential election, short opinion by me…

Then along came someone (?):

To vote for and continue the decline, just as it should be. Believe you me, this guy is perfect for the next stage of the soap opera, “As America Turns!”

USA politics are a freak show style distraction for the peasants, while the money people carry on with the rape and pillage of the USA and other nations and get the benefit of American taxpayers to finance the soap opera…

Just imagine:

Kanye West as US president and the first lady Kim Kardashian….a good soap opera has to have good actors and if they are rich to boot, then all the better!

Stop and let that sink in…

Now isn’t that just perfect for the USA?

Most seriously:

I would vote for him, just like I did for Trump. For he is a means to the end of the soap opera of rape and pillage!


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