Kadyrov and the grandson of the First President of the Chechen Republic…

In my ancestral village of Akhmat-Yurt, a significant event for our family took place – the ceremony of coming of age of the grandson of the First President of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov – Adam.

Adam is fifteen years old, which means that, according to the ancient Chechen custom, a papakha (a symbol of courage) is handed over to the birthday man. It was handed over by my esteemed UNCLE, the elder of the Kadyrov family, the Chairman of the Council of Alims of the North Caucasus Federal District Khozh-Akhmed Kadyrov.

In addition, those who have reached the age of majority are awarded a weapon belt, after which the young man becomes a full-fledged man and a responsible representative of his family, as well as a dagger (a sign of courage and valor), with which he must protect everything that a true Chechen cherishes. The ceremony of girdling was performed by dear BROTHER, Mufti of the Chechen Republic Salah-Khadji Mezhiev.

Having received these most important attributes for every Chechen, a man who has crossed the threshold of adulthood accepts the responsibility entrusted to him before the Almighty, the people and his stepfather’s house.

From this moment on, the man undertakes to impeccably observe the code of honor of the konakh. If he loses the relics given to him or draws his dagger not for the sake of protecting religion, honor and native land, then this will be reflected in an indelible stain for the rest of his life. Therefore, it is very important that a young person, on his life path, rely primarily on the wise instructions of his ancestors,
which are based on kindness, compassion and care for the weak. I am sure that Adam will cope with the responsibility entrusted to him and will not disgrace the memory of his great ancestors!


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