Vaping as a cause of death faded into obscurity…

The coronavirus pandemic is most likely “the result of an incident related to the study,” and the hypothesis of a natural focal origin of the coronavirus no longer deserves “credibility” or “presumption of accuracy,” follows from the interim report of the US Senate Committee on Health.

The committee also listed a number of unresolved questions: what species of animal became the intermediate host for SARS-CoV-2 and when it first infected humans, where the virus reservoir is located, and how the coronavirus acquired its unique genetic characteristics.

But, we are getting closer to the truth, but will they actually admit it in the West?

Hmm, its sooner than that, King Coronavirus has been around awhile

And now lets have a serious look at the USA and its Covid-19 involvement…

2020 I call it the, Year of the re- +‎ initialization

The first cases of vaping (Covid-19) outbreak was identified in Illinois and Wisconsin in April 2019; as of 18 February 2020, a total of 2,807 hospitalized cases, including 68 deaths, have been confirmed…

When Covid-19 was discovered and admitted to as an issue?

Vaping as a cause of death faded into obscurity…


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