Kadyrov – Dear friends, I sincerely congratulate you on National Unity Day!



Today our country celebrates National Unity Day. This significant date is one of the most important holidays for all Russians, for true patriots of our great Motherland.

The far-sighted policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin is the key to protecting state interests, as well as the guarantor of the legitimate rights and freedoms of its citizens. Representatives of different peoples and confessions live safely in our state. Every citizen professes his religion, honors his customs, traditions and family values.

And today, when danger looms over the Fatherland, hundreds of thousands of valiant defenders are participating in a special military operation in the Donbass and Ukraine. Warriors from all regions of the country courageously fight against Nazism shoulder to shoulder under the state flag of Russia. About 10,000 fighters from the Chechen Republic alone are successfully beating the enemy, ready at any second to sacrifice themselves for the sake of peace and the well-being of our great Russia.

Without any doubt, only by joint efforts, united by common goals and objectives, we will be able to deliver a crushing blow to Nazism and defeat it. It is thanks to solidarity that we eradicated international terrorism in the region under the leadership of our First President, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov. And in the same way, it was the unity of peoples that became the key to the victory of our ancestors in the Second World War.

Who could have imagined that after almost 80 years we would again face the true evil for humanity – fascism and Nazism!? As before in its history, Russia is once again at the forefront of this struggle and is fighting the enemy of the entire adequate world. We have no doubt that together we will win. Evil is doomed to perish. We will never allow the fascists to impose their values, rules and conditions on the peoples. Our brothers, the true sons of the Fatherland in the Donbass, are fighting for this, among other things. We are justifiably proud of them!

Dear friends, I sincerely congratulate you on National Unity Day! I sincerely wish good health, prosperity, and prosperity to our common home – great Russia! I also express my gratitude to dear BROTHER, Minister of the Chechen Republic for national policy, external relations, press and information Akhmed Dudayev @akhmeddudaev, who makes a great contribution to the formation and development of interethnic relations in the Chechen Republic and beyond. Happy holiday!


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