Medvedev on Why Our Cause is Right…


Answers to simple questions
on National Unity Day

What are we fighting for? Russia is a huge and rich country. We do not need foreign territories, we have everything in abundance. But there is our land, which is sacred to us, on which our ancestors lived and on which our people live today. And which we will not give to anyone. We protect our people. We are fighting for all our people, for our land, for our thousand-year history.

Who is fighting against us? We are fighting against those who hate us, who ban our language, our values ​​and even our faith, who spread hatred towards the history of our Fatherland.

Against us today is part of a dying world. This is a bunch of crazy Nazi drug addicts, people drugged and intimidated by them, and a large pack of barking dogs from the western kennel. With them is a motley pack of grunting gilts and narrow-minded inhabitants from the collapsed Western empire with saliva flowing down their chins from degeneration. They have no faith and ideals, except for obscene habits invented by them and standards of doublethink implanted by them, denying the morality bestowed on normal people. Therefore, having risen against them, we have acquired sacred power.

Where are our old friends? We were abandoned by some frightened partners – and do not care about them. So, they were not our friends, but just random fellow travelers, sticky and hangers-on.
Cowardly traitors and greedy defectors fell to distant lands – let their bones rot in a foreign land. They are not among us, but we have become stronger and cleaner.

Why were we silent for a long time? We were weak and devastated by timelessness. And now we have shaken off the sticky dream and the dreary haze of the last decades, into which the death of the former Fatherland plunged us. Other countries awaited our awakening, raped by the masters of darkness, slave owners and oppressors who dream of their monstrous colonial past and yearn to maintain their power over the world. Many countries do not believe their nonsense for a long time, but are still afraid of them. Soon they will wake up completely. And when the rotten world order collapses, it will bury all its arrogant priests, bloodthirsty adepts, mocking servants and dumb mankurts under a multi-ton pile of its debris.

What is our weapon? Weapons are different. We have the opportunity to send all enemies to the fiery Gehenna, but this is not our task. We listen to the words of the Creator in our hearts and obey them. These words give us a sacred purpose. The goal is to stop the supreme ruler of hell, no matter what name he uses – Satan, Lucifer or Iblis. For his goal is death. Our goal is life.

His weapon is an intricate lie.

And our weapons are Truth.

That is why our cause is right.

That is why victory will be ours!

Happy Holidays!



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