Kadyrov leader of Chechen Republic gives info…

Thousands of volunteers from different regions of our vast country arrive daily in the Chechen Republic. Each of the new arrivals is burning with the desire to incinerate the ideology of vile fascism that has spread in Ukraine. These young people left the cozy walls of their home for the sake of a noble goal – to fight side by side with their comrades and compatriots for the good of our country and the fraternal people of Ukraine.

Volunteers are provided with everything necessary, from military uniforms to weapons and ammunition. The best instructors of the Russian University of Special Forces conduct accelerated training courses for new arrivals, teaching tactical shooting, as well as the basics of combat in different areas. Young people who have never taken up arms in just a couple of days master the skills of an experienced soldier.

We can be fully proud of such warriors, who are ready to rush into a real battle for the sake of protecting our Motherland. Thousands of volunteers are already on the front lines. They perform the most difficult tasks with honor and valor, giving no chance to the opposing side. With all my heart I wish good luck and a speedy victory to all the fighters representing the interests of Russia!


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