Kadyrov on food for warriors…

I have said more than once that a hungry soldier is a bad warrior. Therefore, we make sure that our fighters located on the territory of the NMD are not only well armed, but also well fed. In these matters, the Regional Public Foundation named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov @fond_kadyrova provides us with invaluable assistance.

The ROF is doing everything to ensure that there are no interruptions in food supplies for the guys who are waging an uncompromising fight against Satanism. And this time, trucks with food products (fruits, water, juices, sugar, potatoes, dried sausages and much more) were delivered to the location of military personnel from the Chechen Republic. I am sure that, having breathed in the aroma of our apples, having tasted the meat dried in the clean mountain air, the guys will feel the warmth of their homes.

Charitable actions of the Foundation in the territories liberated during the NWO have long become regular. Hundreds of thousands of people express gratitude for such help. It helps people at least a little to cope with the difficult situation in which they find themselves.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to my beloved MOM, President of the ROF Aimani Nesievna, for regular attention and care for the poor residents of new Russian regions, as well as for supplying soldiers from the Chechen Republic with everything necessary on the front line.

May Allah Almighty reward you with mercy for kindness and mercy to people in need! Together we bring victory over fascism closer.



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