MoD of Russia Reports for November 21, 2022…

21.11.2022 (11:30) WMD Tornado-S MLRS crews continue launching strikes at AFU military infrastructure facilities and hardware The systems destroy the command posts, depots of armament, munitions and fuel, signal nodes, air defence facilities, and other important targets located at large distances.
21.11.2022 (11:00) Mobilised snipers practise camouflaging and covert redeployment in Zabaikalye region The trainees were tasked to covertly head to the operations area, to prepare their firing positions, and to camouflage them, using improvised and special means.
21.11.2022 (05:20) Servicemen receive State awards for courage and heroism within special military operation Personnel were awarded medals ‘For Courage’, Cross of Saint George, and Orders of Courage.
21.11.2022 (05:10) SMD 120mm mortar crews continue their combat action within special military operation Firepower operation is performed at both day-, and nighttime, after ground and aerial reconnaissance units detect targets.

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