Kadyrov talks about NATO Troops in Ukraine are dying…

I present to you fresh footage from the Kherson direction. Servicemen of the “North” regiment named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov of the FSVNG of the Russian Federation, under the leadership of dear BROTHER, the commander of the “Thunderstorm” regiment Khasmagomed Magomadov, successfully repelled several enemy attacks.

As a result of rash actions, the enemy suffered heavy losses. In particular, up to 200 nationalists were destroyed, as well as several units of heavy military equipment and passenger vehicles intended for transporting personnel. The guys eliminated the threat as quickly as possible and without losses, which confirms the high professionalism of the fighters of the Sever regiment. At the same time, they replenished their already rich arsenal with captured Western weapons.

It is worth noting that among the destroyed militants this time a large number of American and Polish mercenaries. However, I believe that there are no so-called “mercenaries” there, and this whole legend about the international legion was invented only to hide the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the attackers were destroyed, and this fact clearly tells us that even the supposedly strongest army in the world is only capable of hiding behind ordinary soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, this strategy did not justify itself this time.

Thanks to the courage and bravery of the Chechen fighters as well, the enemy is gradually realizing its helplessness and the senselessness of any attempts at a counteroffensive.



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