MoD of Russia Reports for November 23, 2022…

23.11.2022 (18:00) Units of servicemen within the partial mobilisation are being solemnly farewelled in Tyumen The mobilised personnel quickly regained their skills in handling small arms and combat vehicles.
23.11.2022 (17:00) Northern Fleet marines train enlisted personnel to storm and seize buildings Each soldier must be able to move in combat, enter buildings, use different types of weapons, orientate and camouflage.
23.11.2022 (15:00) Russian Deputy Defence Minister Aleksandr Fomin attends ADMM-Plus meeting In his address, Aleksandr Fomin briefed the meeting on Russia’s approach to key security issues in the Asian-Pacific region.
23.11.2022 (06:15) Russian Fuel Service units are being trained in the rear area of special military operation The servicemen within the partial mobilisation practice real-world combat scenarios at the firing grounds.
23.11.2022 (06:00) Airborne battalions attend combat training in Central MD The mobilised personnel will join their organic units, where, together with the new comrades with combat experience, they will begin to carry out combat missions within the special military operation.
23.11.2022 (05:45) Servicemen of artillery units of the Western MD continue intensive combat training at training grounds in Belarus They improve their organic weapons shooting skills, drive combat vehicles, learn psychological obstacle line, study tactical medicine and other disciplines.
23.11.2022 (05:30) Artillery units of the Eastern MD continue to carry out combat missions within special military operation The adjusting of fire damage on identified targets, which are several tens of kilometres away, is carried out by means of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
23.11.2022 (05:00) Moskit UAV crews of the Central MD in combat action within special military operation Moskit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), based on the Orlan-10 drones, are equipped with additional radio-electronic modules and are designed to suppress enemy control and data transmission channels.
23.11.2022 (03:00) Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-35S detect and destroy enemy aircraft Russian Aerospace Forces’ fighter crews practise covering attack aircraft and army helicopters during strikes against military facilities and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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