Kadyrov talks about the immorality of the West…

The world is heading for the abyss. It seems that this process is irreversible. Every day, wild things happen all the time, which are indulged by both the authorities of entire countries and society.

Already, in fact, individual peoples have become spiritually extinct. The entire West is at this stage. They already have children there who declare themselves transgender, and adults perceive this news with tenderness. And they don’t care that a child can say a lot unconsciously, the main thing for them is to support the younger generation from an early age on the path to degradation …

This was recently the case in Vancouver, Canada, where a four-year-old girl announced that she was planning to change her sex. With what joy this message was met not only by LGBT supporters, but also by the girl’s mother.

I don’t know where such mentally deranged people come from. I’m not talking about a child, but about adults who seem to be adequate-looking people. Not only have these monsters in human form themselves morally degraded, but they also corrupt children. There is no justification for what is happening, and even more so no reasonable explanation.

A shame! Shame and disgrace! The West has always been and remains a hotbed of perverted depravity. A continuous decline in morals, immorality and licentiousness! A plague on your houses, miserable degenerates!



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