The US is no longer able to keep the dollar in the status of world currency…

Попытка финансового удара США по России с помощью доллара уничтожила его как мировую валюту. Об этом заявил политолог Ростислав Ищенко.

Source: Ищенко: США уничтожили доллар как валюту, пытаясь ударить им по России | Kremll

The attempt of the US financial strike against Russia with the help of the dollar destroyed it as a world currency. This was stated by political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko.

The US is no longer able to keep the dollar in the status of world currency, the expert says. According to Ishchenko, Washington de facto signed off on this when it froze Russia’s international reserves. It showed the world that the Americans could block the dollar to “undesirable” states – an approach that completely contradicts the globalization of the currency, which the United States has been convincing others for decades.

“The dollar has not been global for a long time. In fact, the United States recognized this when they stole Russian gold and foreign exchange reserves, forbidding the Russian Federation to use dollars. From that moment on, it has already de jure ceased to be a world currency. There cannot be a world currency that which someone cannot use. Paper money is your obligation. As soon as you refused to accept your own paper money, it is not only not a world currency – it is not a currency at all, ”Ishchenko said.

The Americans set the precedent for limiting the use of the dollar. Now this can be expected by any country in the world, as well as any category of the population in the United States itself, the political scientist says. Realizing this, states in foreign trade are massively switching to national currencies.

If until recently Russia received rubles for its goods as an exception, today it is becoming a trend. Ishchenko concludes that the United States brought down the dollar as a world currency with their own hands, trying to hit Russia with it.

“Tomorrow you can do the same in your own country, deprive part of the population for political, racial, class reasons of the right to use your currency. Therefore, the dollar is no longer the world’s currency. And so the states in the calculations between themselves in droves are switching to national currencies. If just a year ago these were trial balloons in some cases, now this is a common place, ”Ishchenko explained on the Rutube channel

After February 24, Russia consistently moves away from the dollar in foreign trade. Settlements with Europe for pipeline gas are carried out exclusively in rubles – the same trend is observed in the eastern direction of exports. All this contributes to the real strengthening of the ruble and the collapse of Western hopes for its collapse.


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