Kadyrov talks about the waste of good men by the west in Ukraine…

Today, dear BROTHER, Hero of Russia, Akhmat special forces commander Apty Alaudinov @sovbez95, got in touch not only with a report on the progress of the offensive, but also with an appeal to the Ukrainian people.

But first things first. Our fighters, together with the allied forces, continue the offensive along the line of Soledar, Yakovlevka, Seversk. A large number of manpower and equipment of the enemy was destroyed.

At the same time, according to Apta Alaudinov, he, as a person who is at the epicenter of events, is surprised by the policy of the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He notes that in the hope of recapturing the positions captured by our soldiers, the Ukrainian command sends detachments of military personnel almost to commit suicide.

Seeing the situation on the spot, Apty says that only cruel, but at the same time hopelessly stupid idiots can throw their fighters into an open slaughter so cruelly, senselessly and blindly.

This picture with the participation of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recklessly attacking our positions has been repeated several times for the 4th day. No matter how harsh it sounds, they are dying like flies, stupidly, at random and in vain. And with absolutely no advantage.

Their commanders have no strategy or tactics. It takes brains. As a result, someone’s sons are killed and maimed literally in massive heaps. And even the well-worn combat general Apty Alaudinov honestly admits that from such an absurd sacrifice he involuntarily regrets the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he feels sorry for them.

Even being on opposite sides of the barricades with them, he regrets that the Ukrainian people are losing so many men. This, if this continues, will lead to irreversible consequences for Ukrainians.

We treat this people with respect, but it is bitter to see how, not understanding the essence of what is happening, some part of Ukrainians allows themselves to be used by the West. And Apta is right when he calls the mediocre actions of Zelensky and the entire command of their General Staff a humanitarian catastrophe for the demography of Ukraine. Better not to say. And there is.



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