Mattia Sorbi Italian journalist set up to be murdered by Ukraine…

🔹 On August 29, since the beginning of AFU’s unsuccessful attempts to launch a counter-attack at Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog direction, the Italian journalist accompanied by two individuals wearing AFU military uniform headed to the forward positions of Ukrainian troops.

🔹 The individuals who were wearing AFU military uniform promised to accompany the reporter Mattia Sorbi by taxi to the line of contact between Ukrainian and Russian troops. According to the journalist, once they approached to the operations area, the individuals suddenly asked to stop the car. Later on, they showed Mattia Sorbi his further way, concealing that the shown path had been mined by the AFU.

🔹 The provocation of Ukrainian special services was aimed at waiting for the journalist’s death by fire from Russian defensive positions or explosion of the taxi by mine in order to accuse Russia of assessinating Mattia Sorbi and to produce a wide resonance in western mass media. The motor car with the journalist struck the Ukrainian mine. The driver died on the spot, while Mattia Sorbi was gravely injured.

🔹 Russian servicemen saw the explosion of the civilian car and, despite intensive fire from Ukrainian positions, moved ahead and extracted Mattia Sorbi from the burning vehicle. The journalist was provided with first aid, taken to a safe place and transported to a healthcare facility.

🔹 Mattia Sorbi, received to intensive care unit with various shrapnel injuries, is currently provided with necessary qualified medical attention. His health condition is stable.

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