Pepsi Kvas and Russia!

Last year or so – sometime? It seems, I remember Coke entering the Kvas market in Russia. I have bought the Coke Kvas and it is sorta good. But, it is very hard to find in most of the stores that and is much more expensive than the local brands.

<----- Coke Kvas! (The local Kvas is much better.) Well it seems that Pepsi is entering the market and I hope with that competition that Coke will lower their price. Pepsi said their Kvas is going to be priced: “Half-liter bottles will cost 30 rubles, liter bottles – 38 rubles, and two-liter – 54 rubles.” What I can tell you is that I pay 54 rubles a half liter for the Coke Kvas. That is way too much…

Pepsi Kvas —->

A short run down on Russian Kvas: “‘Kvass or kvas (literally “leaven”; borrowed in the 16th century from Russian квас (kvas)), sometimes translated into English as bread drink, is a fermented mildly alcoholic beverage made from black rye or rye bread (which attributes to its light or dark color). It is popular in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and other Eastern and Central European countries as well as in all ex-Soviet states, like Uzbekistan, where one can see many kvass vendors in the streets. Its origins go back 5,000 years to the beginnings of beer production. (Kvas)’

When I first came to Russia I was leery of Kvas, but I have a saying that holds true and is effective, “Do as the natives do!”

Kvas is good and my preferred drink when we are out traveling Russia. When you see that huge yellow tank on the side of the road, just pull over and get a delicious glass of Kvas…

Windows to Russia!

PS: They say those tanks are old petrol tanks?