To Be A Kid For An Hour Again!

This was early in the day in Russia and not very many people were up and moving yet. It was a perfect time to get these pictures.

Above – A Mom getting a ticket for her child to ride, some rides!

Above – A better look at the whole place!

Above and Below – I wanna ride!

I love it when I come upon places like this for kids. I was walking to the store to get groceries and took a different way to the store. That is when I came upon this wonderful little amusement area for kids. This is a commercial establishment of course, but I have always loved bright and colorful things!

It makes me wish to be a kid again for just an hour and ride that train…

Windows to Russia!

PS: Notice all the snow? It is near the end of March (-6 degrees last night) and we, believe it or not ,are having the start of spring. 🙂