Lavrov Invites Hamas to Talk in Moscow Russia!

One thing that I have discovered about the modern Russian people is that they truly believe in discussion as a first resort. There is none of this “strike now and talk later” issues.

I learned this from the Georgian war and saw that Russia tried to contact the UN and such about the Georgia strike against South Ossetia… (Don’t remember that do you? That is because the Western press refused to print it.) Russia tried to get some attention before they ripped Georgia apart! When their issues was vetoed by America at the UN in an emergency meeting over the situation – Russia went it alone.

Now in tradition that I see befitting of the Russians:

For the first time since 2007 the political leader of Hamas is due in Moscow for talks on how to unite Palestinians and resume talks with Israel.

The talks come just two weeks after Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas visited Russia.

The two factions split in 2006 with Hamas seizing the Gaza strip following violence a year later.

According to a Hamas representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, who is among the delegation members, the “visit of the Hamas delegation to Russia is paid at the invitation of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.”

“The visit is held within the framework of permanent consultations of the Islamic Resistance Movement with the Russian authorities. We intend to maintain this dialogue,” the Hamas representative said.

Russia remains the only member of the Middle East Quartet to openly talk with Hamas.

Interesting how the world turns their back on the real Russia. I just ask when will the world open their eyes and see the Russia that is always trying to keep the Middle East together and not bomb it into submission.

I had someone say how can you say Russia wants peace when they did the same to Afghanistan?

I respond, That was not Russia – That was the Soviet Union and they are gone or haven’t you noticed?
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