Ukraine Election is it Over?

In Ukraine nothing is done until “well” it is done! I have stayed very quiet about all the exit poll statements that give Viktor Yanukovych the presidency over Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The Western press and half the Eastern press have given the win to Viktor. I like to be more accurate on what I print and exit polls at 50% of the vote is not accuracy…

The gap has closed steadily and surly as all the votes come in. Looks like it is much closer than you think. Statements of: It will be a week before all final results will be tallied, the gap between candidates has narrowed to less than 3% with only 80% of the vote counted and the fact that the Ukraine embassy in Moscow shut the doors early against a whole bunch of voters for the Ukraine election shows that issues are far from secure.

The last video shows how many people were denied the right to vote at the Ukraine Embassy in Moscow and if it happened here in Moscow it happened all over the world.

Democracy is they name…

Windows to Russia!
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PS: Update – Yulia Tymoshenko has further cut Viktor Yanukovych’s lead in Ukraine’s presidential runoff to 2.09%, the Central Election Commission said on Monday.
According to a commission update, with 95.04% of the vote counted, Yanukovych is leading with 48.23% of the vote and Tymoshenko is running close with 46.14%.
KIEV, February 8 (RIA Novosti)