Lets Take a Picture Walk in Moscow, Russia! (5-22-09)

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Today after the wonderful cup of coffee here in Moscow Russia, Boza and I decided to take a long walk. I took pictures today because Moscow has finally gotten rid of Winter. Now everyone still wears coats because it is still rather cool out.

Since it is Friday and Dacha season in Russia. The streets are empty in the residential areas. So as we walked today I took pictures of where Boza and I walk. Since Boza and I like to be left alone while we walk, we were in heaven today. 🙂

Below – Hardly any cars on our street – Yea!
Below – The paths are empty and we walk in peace!What is the Smell? Lilac!
Above – Found this Heavenly smell of Lilacs and found the source!
Above and Below – Boza and I have little hidden areas that we always walk in.
Above – This is one of our favorite spots!
Below – This is our favorite spot!
Below – Boza found something interesting!
Below – Look no cars – no people – no nothing!
Below – Oops we found something alive – a pigeon!
Below – Playground is empty. (That is strange looking to me. Always kids and moms)

That is it for this walk. Boza is now sleeping and I am working on Windows to Russia! In fact working on the article that you are reading right now. 🙂

Window to Russia!

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