LNG – Liquid Natual Gas from Russia with Love!

Windows to Russia!
I have been studying this gas project for a year now and this is an impressive LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) project to say the least. I have read about the plant in several of the magazines printed about the oil and gas industry but on line has been quiet about the Sakhalin-2 plant.

This is the world’s largest oil and gas project – Sakhalin-2. The huge Prigorodnoye (south of Sakhalin Island) plant will pump 5% of the world’s LNG to America, Korea and Japan.

It takes only two and a half days from Sakhalin-2 to these markets, compared with more than one month from the Middle East, so you will know the difference in price is huge.

“The technology doesn’t require traditional pipelines to transport gas. Natural gas turns to liquid at minus 160 degrees Celsius. That allows it to be shipped by tanker. When it reaches its destination LNG is heated back for use. The LNG liquefying equipment is called a “train”. Sakhalin’s two trains will make almost 10 million tons a year. By 2011 they could already start on a third train according to Shell CEO, Jeroen Van der Veer.” (Link)

The complex consists of:
# Two 100,000 m³ LNG storage tanks
# An LNG jetty
# Two LNG processing trains, each with a capacity of 4.8 million tons of LNG per annum
# Two refrigerant storage spheres, 1,600 m³ each (gross capacity) for propane and ethane storage
# A diesel fuel system
# A heat transfer fluid (HTF) system for the supply of heat to various process consumers
# Five gas turbine driven generators with a total capacity of around 129 MW electrical power
# Utility systems including instrument air and nitrogen plants and diesel fuel systems
# A waste water treatment plant to treat both sewage water and coil-containing water.

As you can see this is big news and I do not see this being spread by the Western press. What was spread was a lot of degrading information by several Western press publications. But that is another story.

Could it be because America is going to be a big consumer of Russian LNG? America stood in line jumping and waving their arms to get a signed twenty five (25) year contract for LNG from Russia.

Strange how the Western press is so controlled…