Looks Like Russia is Tired of Ukraine’s Puppet President?

After my trip this last time to Ukraine and what information I picked up from many Americans in Ukraine. America has reasserted its money and politics as we come upon this new presidential election in Ukraine.

Looks like Russia has responded heavily this week to the interference…

Russia has been angry with Kiev over various issues. Now it plans to wait till the 2010 elections before taking any serious steps, according to Ekaterina Kuznetsova from the Centre for Post-Industrial Society Research. (Video Above)

Though President Yushchenko says he has nothing against Russia, his actions are completely contrary – so the dialogue with him cannot be productive, says Dmitry Babich, a political analyst from RIA Novosti news agency. (Video Above)

President Dmitry Medvedev reveals the reasons behind refraining from sending the new Russian ambassador to Ukraine just yet, as well as the roots of strain in Russia-Ukraine relations in his new video blog message. (Video Above)

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