Russian News From Russia: August 11th, 2009!

Recovering Ingush leader targets return to work in month:
The president of the south Russian republic of Ingushetia, who survived an assassination attempt in June and was released from a Moscow hospital on Monday, plans to resume work in a month.

Medvedev delays sending Russian ambassador to Ukraine:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced on Tuesday he was holding off sending Russia’s new ambassador to Ukraine over Kiev’s anti-Russian policies.

Alleged Russian arms dealer hopeful of ‘fair’ Thai court verdict:
Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who is facing extradition from Thailand to the United States for alleged illegal arms trafficking, said on Tuesday he was hopeful of a “fair” verdict.

Russian Proton-M carrier rocket set to orbit Chinese satellite:
A Proton-M rocket with a Chinese telecommunications satellite will be launched on Tuesday from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federal Space Agency said.

Something extraordinary happened to missing Atlantic ship – expert:
A Russian maritime expert said on Monday that “something extraordinary” must have happened to a cargo ship that went missing off Portugal’s Atlantic coast.

“Russian authorities have lost hope with Yushchenko”:
Though President Yushchenko says he has nothing against Russia, his actions are completely contrary – so the dialogue with him cannot be productive, says Dmitry Babich, a political analyst from RIA Novosti news agency.

“We begin bombing Russia in five minutes” – anniversary of Cold War era joke:
During World War II there was a saying that “loose lips sink ships”. Twenty five years ago, the loose lips of an American President caused quite a stir in the Kremlin.

Super-jet set to muscle into Russian aviation:
Russia’s new Super-jet passenger plane is likely to be one of the stars of the Moscow air show which starts next week. The government hopes its appearance will earn more orders from foreign as well as Russian airlines.

“Saakashvili will never acknowledge blame for the war”:
There is still a long way to go before Georgia recognizes its responsibility for the August conflict, says Mikhail Stolyarov of the Russian State Academy of Public Service, a leading research center.

Medvedev proposes changes to defense laws of Russia:
Changes to Russia’s defense laws are on the cards, a year after the country sent in the army to defend South Ossetia when it was attacked.