M.V. Zakharova & Medvedev make statements on Ukrainian assasination of Russian prisoners of war…

MoD On Ukraine War Crimes of killing prisoners in cold blood…

⚡️ Commentary by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry M.V. Zakharova in connection with the execution of Russian prisoners by Ukrainian servicemen


❗️ Video footage of Ukrainian servicemen ruthlessly shooting unarmed Russian prisoners of war has been widely circulated on social networks.

This shocking video sequence is further evidence of the crimes of Ukrainian neo-Nazis, Ukraine’s flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War of 1949, and international human rights norms, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 and the Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment 1984

We have repeatedly drawn the attention of the international community to the cruel and inhuman treatment of the Ukrainian side towards the detained Russian servicemen. On the videos regularly distributed by the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves, they depicted murders, torture, abuse, beatings, etc., committed by them. <…>

All these numerous evidences of crimes were ignored by the “collective West”, which actively supports Kyiv in everything. Such approval from American and European curators makes them complicit in what the Ukrainian neo-Nazis they cherish are doing.

And we are talking not only about the fighters of “Azov” and other radical organizations, but about the military personnel of the armed forces of Ukraine, carrying out the official orders of their commanders. Their adherence to the neo-Nazi ideology and the implementation of its principles in practice convincingly prove the criminal essence of the regime existing in Ukraine.

⚠️ We demand that international organizations condemn this egregious crime and conduct a thorough investigation of it. Every atrocity committed by Ukrainian armed groups will not go unpunished. All those guilty and involved in the crimes will be identified and will suffer a well-deserved punishment. No one will escape retribution.


Medvedev said,

I was taught at the university
many years ago criminal law. And they said that criminal punishment consists of two elements: punishment, on the one hand, and conditions for the correction and re-education of the guilty person, on the other. And only the death penalty is a pure punishment for obvious reasons. According to the principle of “life for life”, known since the Old Testament times (Leviticus, 24:20).

The Ukrainian bastards who shot Russian servicemen should not suffer any other punishment, except for what is pure punishment. Even if it takes years to find them.


The West is sick…


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