MoD On Ukraine War Crimes of killing prisoners in cold blood…

❗️ New videographic evidence of massive execution inflicted by Ukrainian servicemen on the unarmed Russian prisoners of war confirms the atrocious nature of the current Kiev regime led by Zelensky and those who protect and support him.

◽️ Nobody will succeed in presenting the intentional and methodical murder committed by the degenerates from the Armed Forces of Ukraine through direct head-shots 10 immobilised Russian servicemen as a ‘tragic exception’ amid the allegedly entire compliance with the rights of prisoners of war by the Kiev regime.

◽️ Meanwhile, the Ukrainian servicemen, who surrendered this week, are held in accordance with all the requirements of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

⚠️ The brutal murder of the Russian servicemen is neither the first, nor the single war crime. This is a common practice in the Armed Forces of Ukraine that is actively supported by the Kiev regime and straightforwardly ignored by its western patrons.

◽️ But Zelensky and his henchmen will be forced to stand trial of the court of history, peoples of Russia and Ukraine, for everyone, and for each tortured and murdered prisoner.